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Enter Vorta
Seperator first

Vorta is a cloud software service aimed towards small to medium B2B companies, looking to get help with organization, quality of service, and to digitize their supply chain processes. We help you manage your supply chain and reverse logistic with a very straightforward and easy to understand solution, removing tiresome tasks from your company and thus, helping your organization manage logistical challenges, with ease.

Manager supply chain and reverse logistics via simple interface

Innovation and simplicity are our main strengths. We assess your organization and provide consultancy services to bring you a simple & innovative solution that can be fully implemented in under two months. All of this is done with complete transparency and customer inclusion.

Three steps to Vorta
We start with the vision

Managing expectations is something we take very seriously at Vorta. We work hard to give you a vision of the end goal, right from the start.

Before you make any kind of commitment you will be given a chance to try out your solution first! See your products move through the supply chain from the moment of order to the moment of delivery to the customer. We offer all of this, risk-free.

Fast and simple implementation and delivery

Please keep in mind that Vorta is not a silver bullet, and although it will match a lot of business processes, it may not fit your organization.

If this is the case, we will be upfront and honest about it.

Onboarding made easy

We here at Vorta have always made our primary goal to keep things simple. Our software is easy to use and maintain, and thus, two months is the maximum duration of our onboarding process.

Together with you we onboard your data and provide remote training courses for you and your whole team.

We ask for Data

We need data describing your products, product dimensions, spare parts, customers, prices, transports, etc.

Team commitment

We will organize the onboarding process with you. The team's training and onboarding duties are necessary for our success.

We give back Consultancy

We take a look at your current business and evaluate our potential impact, advising the best ways to improve your organization.


We provide training and references for your team to get set up, as fast as possible. We work hard to share our methodologies with your team.

From the start, you will be provided with a clear set of goals that we will meet in each stage of our collaboration. Allowing us all to transparently measure our progress, aimed toward fast implementation.

Ready! So, what now?

By now you have a completely operational solution, saving your organization time and money, with a much-simplified workflow.

Best of all is that the smooth operation of your supply chain workflow is now our responsibility, freeing up your time to do what you truly love doing. We will continue to improve our solution and provide continuous consultancy services in the future.

Included support and continuos updates
Continuous updates

We are passionate about our product and we will continue to make it better and better, with regular updates and new features.


Avoid surprises by having a dedicated team on your side. We offer a wide range of support options to suit your operational needs.


We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us, we plan to bring new innovations to our product and make your future problems our own.

Let's talk

Vorta is offering flexible pricing models, tailored to meet the requirements of each client. Our priority is ensuring our software serves you effectively, and we are committed to customizing our pricing to fit your specific needs.


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Our Clients

Vorta has played a pivotal role in our clients' growth journeys, with each client having been with us for over two years, showcasing our enduring partnerships and the sustained value we bring.

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