We the Vorta

Vorta was founded back in 2016. We started as a small startup with four people, and we are continually growing as an efficient team that is combining expertise in supply chain management and software building. Our goal is to introduce simplicity through innovation in everything that we do. We feel privileged to be given an opportunity to bring something new to the stale and dull world of business applications, that rarely focus on building a great product.

We are big believers of keeping things simple. We found that every move we made towards simplicity has always paid off. These payoffs may not be evident at first, but in time, we realized that simpler things reduce number of errors and push innovation forward. Innovation is the real strength of Vorta, as we offer solutions that are unique and save a lot of time. In years to come, we plan to continue making big bets on simplicity, clarity, and honesty. This stands for our products and our company.

Treating people right is fundamental to how we do business. We treat our customers as we’d want to be treated - with honesty and clarity in all of our interactions. If we cannot solve your problems, we will be straightforward and upfront about it. You will never meet our sales team only, you will meet consultants and engineers that built Vorta. We will analyze your business, provide consultancy services and solutions, only if and when, there is additional value to be added. We want customers that are happy with our product and without a shadow of a doubt know the value that Vorta brings to them. We know we have a great product and we want it to have a positive impact on the industry and the world around us. In return, we will continue making it better and better.

If you’re just browsing, enjoy your stay. If you’d like to become a customer, we’d love to meet you. Either way, thanks for visiting Vorta, and have a great day!